Friday, July 20, 2007

i blog because...

You know, as I am writing this, I really haven't the foggiest what I want to write about.

(Okay. Was that sentence as weird for you as it was for me?)

Anyway, the wheels in this large head of mine are always turning, so i will think of something. Truss!

I guess I should ask myself (on both our behalves - that a word?) why the hell I blog!!! To do that, I guess I have to back track, retrace my steps, then more likely than not, come up with absolutely nothing! It is the Chichi way! All the same, I will still act like a gun for hire and give it a shot. Well, here goes nothing (never has that statement felt more appropriate! Gosh!)

I like to write. A lot. Well, I liked to write a lot, for sure but these days, old MB ain't too sure, ya smell me? Anyways, I liked writing, then at some point, circa 2005/06, Motunrayo Elias and I got into a conversation about writing, as I was employed at a Publishing firm that was squatting in her IT firm's offices. She told me about blogging and I created my first blog but never posted anything until my Fairy BlogMother, Mona (the one and only milklady) and I got chatting. She succeeded in getting me to start blogging, just like she convinced me to become Mr hi5 (regardless of what Leye Gbadamosi tries to say :p)!

Well, just like with hi5, I went blog mad and went from one blog to nine in no time at all. It was fun at first then became hella tedious! Then I started reading other blogs and found that hidden behind hardened exteriors (thank you Mama Naija) existed a lot of talented (often troubled and sometimes disturbed) individuals. It was cool to be a blogger! We the chosen few were internet superstars in our little communities.

Then everybody and they mama had a blog! Jeez! It became hell to keep up! Blogging no be my papa birth right but I personally felt a lot of piss takers emerged but therein lies the beauty and downright ugliness of blogspot - it's free for all! So I did like Mariah and shook it off and kept on with my blog thizzle. Then... it happened!

Jay-Z came to Githi, so i had to head on out to the concert. It was mad and I just had to write about it. I then proceeded to write the longest blog I've ever written. When I was done, I thought there's no way anybody would read that whole thing and really felt hella stupid! But 5 minutes after I posted it, traffic started flowing through. It ended up being my most viewed post (as far as I know anyway) to date. At first, I really loved it and was overwhelmed by all the feedback.

Then, I hated it. For two reasons: secondarily, because from that point on, everyone was expecting me to deliver posts like that 24/7. That wasn't that bad really. What really got my goat was the fact that everyone seemed to love this blog! So how's that a bad thing? Well, I just wrote about stuff that I saw, so personally, no big deal. However, on other posts, where I have exhausted the creative juices and cried blue murder, I just got a few shout outs. It was disheartening. I went into 'artist' mode and flipped blogspot the bird. I turned my back on my fam!

I had a few failed comebacks but then came Aida and BM was back... kinda! Time away from blogspot gave me time to think and put things in perspective. Chichi, it really ain't that serious! Don't be a diva! If you like to blog, blog dammit and stop crying like some little bitch! So, here I am... back in Blogsville... ready to blog... when I want... how I want. In the words of the excellent Lady Sovereign, "Love me or hate me it's still an obsession! Love me or hate me? That is the question! If you love me then THANK YOU! If you hate me, then..." You know the rest.

And another funny thing, people comment about my blog in person, on the phone or via e-mail. So the fact that I don't get comments on my blog don't mean there ain't traffic. Believe it or not, Blog Marley has a little cult following and I appreciate every last one of you. Honest! So I'm back for myself and for you guys as well! Daddy's home!

And where'd my blog be without a Hovi quote: You clone/get out the throne/the King's back!

Like I said. I'd think of something. But what I didn't say was that it'd be sensible, abi? There you go.


So Mr. Chichi, in answer to your question (which you bloody well asked yo damn self), you (I) blog because you (I) can DAMMIT!

Blog Marley out like Nigeria from the U20 World Cup! 4.0 Baby!

Live Free or Die Hard!

That's the motto!

Now get outta here ya filthy animals! Till I feel the urge again.

two fingers in the air!