Friday, January 25, 2008

what do you think you're doing?

That's the title because I have no clue what I'm doing here; in Blogsville I mean.

I got a comment on an old blog yesterday and then my darling friend Steffi Graff called me today and inquired about it. So I looked the old thing up (honestly, I didn't know which one I was looking up as there are so many) and felt like WOW!!! While I do write rather well, I do write a whole loada crap... BUT I LOVE IT!!!

So, what am I doing here? Good question. I haven't the foggiest! Well, that's not complete truth. I'm here because I feel like blogging but I don't have a darned thing to talk about. Okay, another slight untruth. I do have stuff to talk about but I just don't know what. So, you know what, I'm gonna act like Spalding right now, just before I morph into Patrick Swayze!!!

Actually, that was rather inspiring. Where the hell is Patrick Swayze? What happens to actors yo? If you start young, then your "sell by" date comes and you slip up. When I think of all the older actors acting today, it's like they've been old forever! Or maybe Hollywood is just tired of having movies with over-aged folk trying to act young (who hears Harrison Ford & Sly Stallone chuckling), no?

I don't know what it is but it's hard to find anyone (or thing for that matter) that is truly GREAT!!! I mean, we've always had stars but there was always that class of Bad Ass MuthaWatchYoMouths that just stood out. Case in point, Planet Hollywood's big 3 (Governator, Geriatric Marine & I No Go Die)! Who we got? Nobody really stands out! Big Willy seems to be turning into Mr Blockbuster but I don't know yo.

Okay. The smell of chicken is becoming overwhelming at the office. Need to dig into some right about now. So finish this discussion amongst yo friends by the water cooler or wherever! I'm lazy and hungry so I'm out!